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Upcoming projects

Car Damage Detection

Application of DL techniques to detect car damage from a car image

Virtual Try On

A DL model and service to virtually try on clothes on person image

Surveillance for Security

Modern next gen CCTV surveillance system with advanced vision tech

Traffic Monitoring

System to observe traffic in terms of vehicle analysis, speed and solution.

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You have followed research papers on ArXiv, scored well in Kaggle competititions, implemented a few deep learning techniques. But you want to apply your knowledge to real world problems?

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How do we help?

End to end data lake bringup and maintenance

Bring up an enterprise grade robust and scalable hadoop big data lake and reporting data mart Suitable to your use cases and data scale needs. Resolve source data complexity and bring your existing data on board maintain this platform to make sure use cases are served on time

Implement data engineering automation

Setup automated data ingestion pipeline. Design and build reporting data mart. Build ETL workflows as per analytics requirements

Implement data analytics use cases

Analyse your data, your use case needs Architect, Implement end to end ETL + interactive data store load + API layer Make MIS reporting, Machine Learning and Real Time reporting possible on this platform

We will assist to make data work for you abstracting out underlying complexity.

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