Realtime Analytics

Extract value of data in real time,
take action as soon as event occurrence at source

Use Cases Enabled

Real time stream processing platform overview

Understanding components of real time stream processing architecture

Technologies enabling real time analytics

Real time stream processing case study

Enabled real time reporting dashboards

For a leading online travel and booking portal, we enabled real time reporting where data from sources is automatically getting consolidated in data lake. Along with real time reporting same data is being used for batch analysis as well. These reports getting updated in real time helped decision makers with quick and latest status update about business KPIs.

How do we help?

Bring up end to end real time stream processing infrastructure

We understand your data and use case needs. Accordingly capacity planning is done and end to end software stack is deployed on your choice of infrastructure (on premise of cloud). This brings up robust and scalable real time stream processing platform ready for production use.

Extend existing data lake with real time processing capabilities

We help extend your existing data lake with real time stream processing capabilities.

Implementation of real time stream processing pipeline

As per need of real time analytics / decision making, we build real time data processing workflows and deploy on production.

We will assist to make data work for you abstracting out underlying complexity.

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