Understand your data better through custom Analytics Dashboards, developed with your choice of BI tools.

BI Analytics

Dataeaze offers a range of top-quality BI Analytics tools and services that help our clients identify their most critical data sources and develop the right strategies to turn their data into actionable insights. Our suite of analytics tools includes powerful visualization and reporting capabilities to enable a deeper understanding of data for making data-driven decisions with confidence. We provide tailored analytics solutions that cater to specific requirements, by implementing use cases and building analytics dashboards on our customers’ preferred BI platforms, keeping in mind their analytics needs.

Our Key Offerings With BI Analytics

Design and Implementation of Generic Data Mart

Dataeaze offers a better solution for customers who already have a data platform in place and are onboarding data with ELT from source schema as is to the data warehouse. We analyze our customer’s existing reporting needs to design a generic data mart schema that is best suited for their data usage, and implement the data mart with backend ETL to ensure it is updated at the given SLA. Our aim is to provide a solution that is customized to specific requirements and is designed to deliver the most value from data. By implementing the data mart and ensuring it is updated at the given SLA, we help our customers make better data-driven decisions with the most up-to-date information available.

  • Optimization of overall data processing.
  • Availability of on-demand data guarantees improvement in SLAs.
  • Self-serve reporting becomes possible with business-friendly data mart schema.

Implementation of BI Reports With Power BI or Tableau

Microsoft Power BI and Tableau are some of the most progressive Data analytics tools available in the market today. Our data-experts are equipped with the experience and skills needed to design and develop custom reports and dashboards in PowerBI and Tableau, to help you make the best of these tools, and deliver the insights needed to drive business growth. We take a collaborative approach to working with our clients and offer end-to-end services, including data modelling, ETL, report and dashboard development, and ongoing support and maintenance.
  • Get a reliable team of experts who support business in building, maintaining and enhancing reports and dashboards at organization.
  • Monitor key performance indicators, track sales and marketing metrics, or identify areas for improvement using custom dashboards in PowerBI and Tableau.

Implementation of BI Reports With Open-Source BI

Commercial BI tools come with expensive named licensing costs, making it challenging for organizations to capitalize on them and make data accessible across the enterprise. To address this challenge, Dataeaze offers end-to-end ownership of the setup of open-source BI tools, such as Superset and Metabase, so that businesses can use these powerful reporting tools and dashboard capabilities, without incurring the heavy licensing costs.

  • Our BI experts build reports and dashboards on selected BI tool as per customer business team requirements.
  • Customer gets enabled with BI tool without named licensing cost, which can be used for reports which are mostly canned reports to be made available to wider audience.

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