Data Engineering

Making it easy to work
with data

We assist organisations in building their
data analytics strategy around modern data platform


End to end data lake implementation

We design and implement data lake suitable to organisation data and analytics requirements

  • Data lake enables single point of access across all data in organization with auto data refresh.
  • Makes it very easy to draw actionable insights from data which drive business.
  • Makes it possible to have data driven application workflows for better end user experience


  • We enable organisation with data lake based on latest modern open source hadoop stack also with complete cloud based data lake with on demand services.
  • Automate onboarding of all organisation data on to data lake.
  • Implementation of reporting / analytics use cases to make data actionable and have business impact.
  • Maintenance of platform to ensure robustness and optimized usage.

Enhance and optimize existing big data lake

We put our expertise to take existing data lake to next level with optimized resource utilization, better robustness and maintainability

  • Take data lake to next level with more data processing capabilities enabled, increased robustness, improved data availability SLAs and optimized resource utilisation.


  • Enhance data lake with better data processing capabilities like real time stream processing.
  • Upgrade existing data transformations to new age tools which are optimized for processing time and resource utilization.
  • Deploy best practice CICD process which improves robustness with automation
  • Assist in implementation of analytics and data science use cases

Data Platform Consultancy

We understand your data and analytics needs to come up with blueprint of end to end data lake design

  • Get overall idea of data lake architecture.
  • Understand about use cases being solved and data being onboarded.
  • Get idea about implementation complexity, timelines and cost before actually starting data lake implementation.


  • Design of end to end data lake which suits your data scale and analytics needs.
  • Capacity planning and deployment cluster architecture which helps in decision making.
  • Implementation level details of top priority use cases and overall roadmap of data science.

Case Studies

Know details of some of data Science problems we have addressed

Travel and Booking Portal

Data Lake for Telecom

Data Lake for NBFC

Data Lake for AdTech

How do we help?

End to end data lake bringup and maintenance

Bring up an enterprise grade robust and scalable hadoop big data lake and reporting data mart Suitable to your use cases and data scale needs. Resolve source data complexity and bring your existing data on board maintain this platform to make sure use cases are served on time

Implement data engineering automation

Setup automated data ingestion pipeline. Design and build reporting data mart. Build ETL workflows as per analytics requirements

Implement data analytics use cases

Analyse your data, your use case needs Architect, Implement end to end ETL + interactive data store load + API layer Make MIS reporting, Machine Learning and Real Time reporting possible on this platform

We will assist to make data work for you abstracting out underlying complexity.

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