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Data Engineering

From developing data-analytics strategies to data pipeline design and implementation, we provide businesses with customised automated solutions, to streamline the way data is used. Integrating data from all sources and making it readily available in easy-to-use formats, Dataeaze helps businesses to centralize their data storage across the organization, to ensure reliable performance optimization and seamless business growth.

Utilize Our Expertise to Enhance Your Business Outcomes through Modern Data Platform

Constructing centralized data lake and data warehouse that is optimized to meet customer’s volume of data and analytics use cases.

Ensuring fully automated data pipelines, data constantly collated from all sources and made available to the data lake and data warehouse.

Designing and building data mart, best suited for ease of analytics by business, enabling self-serving reporting and analytics.

Enterprise-grade data governance with data security, data catalog, and data quality management, with observability monitoring dashboards and alerts, as well as with auto recovery in place.

Our Data-Engineering Services

End-to-End Data Platform Building

We work with businesses to enable analytics and data driven decisioning. We build a modern data platform, with cloud- based data lake, supported with on-demand services. The perfect solution for companies without a formal data- practice, or using traditional manual data-sync processes, our data-platform implementation helps businesses to be data driven organisations.

  • Automated onboarding of organizational data on to data-lake, with single point data-access across the enterprise and auto data refresh.
  • Implementation of reporting/analytics use cases, to make data actionable, along with data-driven application workflows for better end-user experience.
  • Complete maintenance and upgradation support to ensure smooth functioning and optimized usage.

End to end bringup of modern data platform for for large finance corporation

Migration of existing data platform to modern cloud based optimized data toolset

Upgrade your existing data-platforms to the latest technology and enhance organizational preparedness with increased data-processing capabilities, streamlined data-flow infrastructure, improved data availability SLAs, and optimized resource utilisation.

  • Migrate existing data to the most advanced data- platforms, with better data processing capabilities like real time stream processing.
  • Migrate from on-premise data platforms to cloud, for benefits of low maintenance, flexible and optimised serverless cloud features.
  • Deploy best practice CICD process, to improve robustness with automation, and to eliminate the risk of becoming obsolete.

Migrate on prem CDH data platform to AWS cloud

Expertise to Implement Existing Data Engineering Backlog

We will be your extended team of data. Experts from Dataeaze will contribute to implement data backlog, like data onboarding, ETL or data use-cases. Our data experts work closely with your in- house data team, to develop the most suitable data technologies stack, along with contributions to streamline all data-related tasks.

  • Understand overall business data-management requirements, implementation complexities and overall roadmap of data-platform architecture.
  • Flexible team of data experts to get access to multiple data technologies, as required.
  • Implementation level details of top priority use cases and overall roadmap of data science.

An extended data experts team for large manufacturing organisation

Data Governance Set-Up

Our data-governance set-up includes creating data policies, establishing data classification and access controls, developing data retention processes, and implementing data privacy and safety regulations. With a planned approach to present and future data needs, we support businesses to enhance their data- practices, and grow rapidly and in a methodical manner.

  • Build data catalog and ensure data catalog is populated to cover across organization data and glossary.
  • Setup data quality process to ensure data profiling, quality scores getting calculated and data quality improvement rules set.
  • Setup data security measures for access control, PII information masking, data encryption.

Telecom case study

Data Platform Support

Setting up a highly effective data pipeline and data lake is a necessity for businesses, but its stability and continuity is an ongoing process. Our experts help you with the set-up and smooth functioning of data platforms, to avoid recurring issues like, breakdown of data pipelines, increased maintenance, unavailability of data when required and so on, in the long-run.
  • Dedicated support from data experts for continuous functioning of data-platforms, without any hassles.
  • Gradually building observability, to develop auto recovery steps for recurring issues.
  • Build a knowledge-base of all issues and recovery procedure.

Healthkart case study

Get The Option to Choose as Per Your Convenience


Pay-as-you-use billing method on modern serverless cloud platforms like AWS/Azure/GCP.


On-site hosted data-lake, for complete data-security, built on open-source data stack.


Get up to 3X faster development speed and save up to 2X in costs with our pre-built data engineering assets.

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