Data Science

Making data work for growth
of your business

We assist in advanced data analytics with statistical analysis
machine learning and deep learning techniques.


Analytics and MIS reporting

We assist in implementation of reports on top of MIS reporting data mart built in data lake


  • Implementation of BI reports in BI tools of customer choice
  • Design and implementation of custom built analytics dashboards in web technology
  • Advanced analytics use case solutioning and implementation


  • For data collected in data lake and data mart, it becomes actionable through BI reports created from it. Each business vertical gets its own view of actionable insights through reports caterred for it’s own KPIs.

Implementation of advanced data science use cases

We have expertise in end to end design and implementation of advanced analytics use cases powered by machine learning techniques like prediction, recommendation, text mining, advanced statistical analysis etc


  • As per problem statement and availability of data, architect data science solution with right choice of statistical techniques / ML algorithms wherever required.
  • End to end implementation of solution along with data engineering aspect of it.


  • Some business requirements need advanced analytics with machine learning and statistical data analysis. We make such use cases feasible

Data Science Consultancy

We help in analysis of feasibility of ML driven solution for customer problems, creating implementation level design


  • We offer feasibility analysis of solution for advanced data analytics problems. This feasibility analysis comes up with conclusive plan of implementation.


  • Get clear idea of solution approach along with POC before actually investing into solution implementation.

Case Studies

Know details of some of data Science problems we have addressed

Text Categorization


Anomaly detection

Deep learning based object detection from video

How do we help?

End to end data lake bringup and maintenance

Bring up an enterprise grade robust and scalable hadoop big data lake and reporting data mart Suitable to your use cases and data scale needs. Resolve source data complexity and bring your existing data on board maintain this platform to make sure use cases are served on time

Implement data engineering automation

Setup automated data ingestion pipeline. Design and build reporting data mart. Build ETL workflows as per analytics requirements

Implement data analytics use cases

Analyse your data, your use case needs Architect, Implement end to end ETL + interactive data store load + API layer Make MIS reporting, Machine Learning and Real Time reporting possible on this platform

We will assist to make data work for you abstracting out underlying complexity.

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