Data Management Pipeline development made Simple, Quick and Affordable

Solution Accelerator

Our range of pre-built accelerators help businesses to cut down on development costs, while speeding up the process of data engineering deployments, and solving the most common issues, with ease.

3x faster data pipeline development at 2x optimization on cost and maintenance

Our List of Pre-Built Accelerators

Elastic Data Platform

Elastic Data Platform (EDP) comprises of pre-built Solution Accelerators, designed to address typical requirements of Data Engineering deployments on serverless cloud platforms. This framework provides a fully- customizable, readily-built skeleton, to help faster development that remains robust and easy to maintain.

  • No-code ETL to optimize data-processing without development and test efforts.
  • Pre-built source and destination connectors for seamless automation, as well as pre-built Framework for data catalog and quality check.
  • Scalable, cloud-based framework, that is also easy to migrate.
  • EDP’s core transformations are implemented in Spark. Allow Terabyte scale processing on EMR / Hadoop, to make platforms Data Engineering & Analytics enabled.

Citedata Data Catalog and Observability

Citedata is a powerful tool, developed by Dataeaze, that helps to simplify data knowledge management by providing a centralized platform for data documentation and tracking. With Citedata, it is easy to update data documentation, track data lineage, and monitor changes to key data elements.

  • Automatically keep track of schema changes in data source, throughout the organization.
  • Define your own business glossary, allow data steward, owner to map table / columns to business glossary and search data based on business glossary entities.
  • Distribute ownership of data elements within data team with Citedata feature to ‘assign owners’ to data elements.
  • All data stored within backend database is by default encrypted.

Smart CCTV : AI for edge computing in visual surveillance

SmartCCTV brings edge computing computing abilities to surveillance camera systems.  

  • Edge computing – AI algorithms run on embedded systems or servers closer to the source video streams
  • Data Privacy – runs on premise, data is not transmitted to the internet
  • Multi Camera – collective intelligence from multiple camera streams, allows for technologies beyond face recognition like multi-camera multi person tracking and monocular depth estimation for danger zone demarcation
  • Adaptability –  applications like safety, security, monitoring, inspection can be built as per needs of the customers

Enterprise LLMs

We are building a suite of applications leveraging foundation models and generative AI for enterprises

  • HireEaze – resume pile scanning made easy for recruiters
  • IrDz – integrate “private” enterprise data and provide a chat-GPT like interface
  • BizDocEaze – integrate business docs like RFPs, tenders, legal agreements into enterprise data lake and make them queryable
  • LegalEaze – chat interface for querying legal documents


  • Enterprise ready – works on private data from enterprise 
  • Data Privacy – data is not sent outside the enterprise virtual private cloud.
  • No hallucination – query and extract information reliably from documents 
  • Domain specificity –  adaptation of models and customization of the application as per needs of the business domain.

Benefits of Pre-Built Accelerators

Reduced Costs of Development

Pay only for what you use, with on-demand service model of our accelerators, to considerably reduce development and execution costs.

Faster Turnaround Time

With ready-to-use models, our accelerators save time on development and integration, ensuring quick implementation to serve rapidly changing business needs.

Robust and Stable Platform

Tried and tested models that are constantly upgraded and monitored for performance, presently being used by companies, to ensure complete reliability.

Scalable as Required

Businesses get the flexibility to choose as per their requirement, and the option to scale as they grow, thus saving on unnecessary expenses.